西北远景学院 (NVC) is looking for the next President to lead the college into the future following the retirement of President Ric Baser. The president of the college reports to the Chancellor and serves on the 区 Senior 领导 Team comprised of college and district leaders to further the mission of the college and the district. This is an excellent opportunity for an experienced leader with a true passion for the mission of community colleges to lead a team of talented faculty, 工作人员, and administrators at the college and join a team of committed high performing colleagues in the 十大网络彩票平台大全.

Download the Executive 搜索 Profile

  • 2月. 3 : NVC Presidential Town Hall
  • 2月. 6 - 3月3日 : Advertising of Position
  • 2月. 6 : 搜索 Advisory Team Appointed
  • 2月. 13 : 搜索 Advisory Team Meeting #1
  • 4月3 - 4日: 搜索 Team Conducts Interviews with Semi-Finalists
  • 5月1日- 3日 : Finalists Interviews at NVC
  • 5月15日 : Board Approves Chancellor’s Finalist Recommendation
  • 7月 : New President Assumes Office

西北远景学院 Advisory 搜索 Team Committee:

  • Ms. 德盖坦字, Interim NVC President; Committee Co-Chair
  • Dr. 罗伯特·加尔萨 帕洛阿尔托学院 President; Committee Co-Chair
  • Dr. 亚伦普拉多, 教师参议院 VP/FT Music Faculty
  • Dr. 朱莉Felux-Monroe, Faculty - English Department
  • Dr. Haetham abdul razaq, Faculty - Social Sciences Department
  • Ms. Elladean莫雷诺, 参议院工作人员 VP/Student Success Director
  • Dr. 罗伯特"鲍比"阿亚拉, Dean for Academic Success
  • Ms. Migdalia加西亚, Director NVC/Alamo Peace Center
  • Ms. 特蕾莎修女迪马斯, Faculty Chair - Workforce
  • Ms. 琳达·里夫斯 Faculty - Learning Resource Center (图书馆)
  • Ms. 梅丽莎Monroe-Young, 市场部经理 & Strategic Communications
  • Mr. 费利克斯·萨利纳斯, IT Director - 大学 Services
  • Dr. 埃里克·卡斯蒂略 Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer - Access
  • Ms. 凯蒂·布莱克曼 SGA主席-学生
  • Ms. Rosentina阿兰达, 业务 & 社区 Partner - Former Frost Bank VP
  • Ms. 索尼娅·罗德里格斯 业务 & 社区 Partner - COPS/Metro Alliance


NVC 组织结构图



The 西北远景学院 organizational chart shows a 以学生为中心 leadership structure that represents our institution.